Small Family Owned Boutique!!

It all started in 2017,  our daughter was pregnant with our first grand blessing.  We started creating custom items and outfits for her and this sparked my interest or should I say she lite that passion in me to begin creating unique apparel and gifts to sell.  We came up with "Off  The Hook Boutique" for the name for couple of reasons, one my husband loves finishing and was finishing tournaments then,  and two we wanted our brand to literally be Off the Hook, out of this world amazing.  So my son created a custom logo  inspired by us, the name and built our website and etsy shop,  he was tech savvy at 15 yrs old and still is, so he took it and ran with it to get us live and this how name and all of this came to life!   I have always had a love for creating, we started out in our home dining room and I remember being so excited when I had a bence of  7 orders and it just continued to escalate from there, but never did I dream it would grow into over 35,000 orders today and counting.  Super Blessed!  As we expanded, we outgrew our dining room and overflowed into our living space,  at that time we recruited my sister in law(aka: angel sent from above) to come on board,  to whom is also my saving grace,  so thankful for her and of course I can't forget my brother in law who did all our shipping and was our town runner(aka: the gopher).. Lol  Then we began to outgrow our home and  moved into my husband's family furniture store.  We were fortunate enough that he had the space to clear that  would accommodate us and our needs,  and its worked wonderfully. 
Before,  I embarked on this journey I was creating and transforming beautiful smiles for 27 yrs and that's all I ever knew.  I left my full time position in dentistry,  and jumped right into this whirlwind and haven't looked back.  We value and love all our wonderful boutique customers and are excited to continue to grow!  We hope you join us, we are a lot of fun. This is us!

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